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VITAL VET INSTRUMENTS is a leading Wholesale Supplier with a vast selection of Veterinary Instruments.

We offer Catalogs in the following categories: • Livestock Instruments • Equine Instruments • Farrier Tools • Horse Care Instruments • Himalayan Salt Products • Surgical & Dental • Laryngoscopes • Otoscopes

We are family-owned and operated with over 40 years of experience in Blacksmith Trade and Manufacturing Industry, taught and handed down from generation to generation. We take great pride in our exceptional quality and competitive pricing. As a result, we are seeing tremendous growth and expansions into many international markets. Having such close ties to our manufacture, allows us first hand say in production and top priority for our client accounts. We have the capabilities of product modifications per request, and have much success in modifications and new product designs, working with specialist in the equine dental and farrier industry. We are committed to continued success in product development and improvements. Providing great customer service and exceeding our client’s expectations are essential to our client retention and overall growth.

Please review our wide selection of products in our catalog. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. Customer recommendations for improvements or additions to our current product line are always welcomed. We do not require large quantity orders, if we have product in stock, we accept orders of 1 and up. Discounts are provided for larger quantity wholesale orders.

We can be reached anytime via email or phone, whichever and whenever is convenient for you.

We offer 100% replacement for any manufacturing defects. You can’t get this when importing from overseas. If it is not right, send it back to us and we will make it right. 100% Satisfaction guarantee, less hassle and save on costly shipping fees with us versus importing direct.

We accept returns. Any shipments that are not to our client’s satisfaction can be returned for replacement or refund. We also accept returns from your customers and will replace or refund as well. No hassle, simply return the product to us, and we will replace or refund the product. We do require the return of the product for quality control purposes. We inspect every defective instrument, to ensure the defect is an isolated incident.

We are willing to hold yearly volume stock here in our warehouse and replenish stock ships per customer request, allowing faster ship times, freeing up your storage area, and smaller payments throughout the year. Pay for stock when you need it, we hold the bulk for you. No production waiting time, and invoice NET30 after each purchase has been delivered to you, on any instrument yearly volume fill request.

We do carry some stock on hand and try to maintain stock on hand for most repeat accounts. Orders for products we do not have on hand may require 6 to 8 weeks for order production and delivery once the purchase order has been submitted. As we have many products to offer, depending on the product and quantities ordered, most wholesale orders are put into production once a PO has been submitted. We work closely with our clients regarding product needs and sensitive time frames. If we are notified of forthcoming product needs, we will work with the promise of maintaining stock on hand for yearly volume fills.

  • Purchase orders must be submitted via email or fax. We welcome call-ins and will do all we can to assist, however once a purchase order has been finalized, we must receive a hard copy with order request via email, fax, or mail.
  • Samples are available for products of interest per request, at no charge.
  • Modifications to products are available per client request. Production samples are provided at no cost for approval.
  • New product ideas, we can help. We work closely with our clients in manufacturing new product ideas and modifying existing products.
  • If you do not see a particular product of interest, you may be seeking in our catalog, just let us know. We may still manufacture the product. We have many instruments available, not all are submitted for our catalog print addition.

Instruments come with Stainless Steel stamps only. Additional stamping/etching is available per customer request for an additional charge, and subject to meet minimum quantities volume.

  • Instruments are packaged in clear poly bags and cardboard boxes.
  • Preferred packaging, branding, and logo are available for additional charge. Charges vary per request and are subject to meet minimum quantities.

All orders under $5,000, domestic shipping & handling will be billed to your account.
Drop ship to your customers is available.

  • 30 Net billing is available for wholesale accounts.
  • Invoices will be issued by email once the shipment has been delivered.
  • Payments accepted via wire transfer, PayPal or checks payable to Vital Vet Instruments LLC

Any instruments with defects/imperfections caused during manufacturing will be replaced 100% at no cost.



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