Farrier Tool 9 Piece Kit with Case

Sku: VVI-07-102-09
Item Name Farrier Tool 9 Piece Kit with Case
Material: Stainless Steel / Wood /Plastic
Products & Size: 1 Stainless Steel Hoof Knife
1 Steel Hoof Pritchel 10″
1 Plastic Hoof Pick Brush
1 Stainless Steel Clinch Cutter 6″
1 Steel Hoof Nipper Powder Coated 12″
1 Hoof Rasp Nickel Plated Steel 14″
1 Stainless Steel Standard Hoof Tester 13″
1 Stainless Steel Farrier Hammer Wooden Handle Head Weight: 230 gm
1 Powder Coated Steel Nail Clincher PVC Coated Grip12″
Finish: Satin / Polish
Hardness: ******
Cat # VVI-07-102-09
Packing: Poly Bag
Quality: High Quality
Guarantee: Money Back Guarantee
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