Vet-Otoscope 8 Piece Kit

Sku: VA-17-164-00
Item Name Vet-Otoscope 8 Piece Kit with Black Plastic Box and Custom Foam Insert
Material: Brass / Plastic 
Products: 1) 1-Otoscope 2-C Battery Chrome Plated Brass Handle
2) 1-Otoscope Chrome Plated Head
3) 1-6X Magnification Lens
4) 1-Duckbill Chrome Plated Brass Speculum
5) 1-Alligator Forceps Stainless Steel 12.5 Cm
6) 3-Black Plastic Speculas
(Inside Diameter 4 mm, 5mm, 7mm)
Finish: ******
Hardness: ******
Cat # VA-17-164-00
Packing: Poly Bag
Quality: High Quality
Guarantee: Money Back Guarantee
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